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Before the rain Details
Name:Before the rain
Created By:lunkerhunter2366
Details:Decided to hit up the pond. Really wanted to take advantage of the overcast and was looking to hook up with some bigguns. Didn't arrive untill 4:00...Really wanted to fish from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Regardless still had some great action. So right off the bat i get on the water with a booyah pad crasher tied on. Make less than 5 cast and already had a nice blow up. Missed. Move down 25ft from the first hit and in some heavy gunk... i got another blow except this one was alot bigger. Missed again. So alittle aggravated i keep with it and guess.. Another hit and miss!At this point im about to give up on the frog after missing two quality fish. Still stuck with it and moved to the main lake. Started fishing heavy emergent and submergent weeds with the pad crasher and my long time friend the chatterbait. Haven't used a chatterbait in awhile so took a bit to get back in the groove and find a good retrieve for the day. A few cast into using it and BAM first fish on. Ended up battling with a chunky bass that fought like a 7lb smallmouth. The bass jumped several times, but the first jump ended up shooting up atleast 4ft. It was absolutely amazing and memorizing watching a 3lb+ jump like that. To top it off the same fish jumped right over the front of my little 9ft boat. Was almost a inch from landing in the boat. Was the most heart pumping action packed bass i've caught in A LONG TIME. Felt like i was using a light action rod with my drag set super low. Anyways after the ride that largie took me i committed to the chatter. Got some nice bass and some big pickerel fishing in and around emergent weeds. Also threw the pad crasher shallow under some brush and overhangs. Was a great evening between the awesome mix of big and small bass and a few intense pickerel plus the foggy chill evening . I almost stayed out for the night bite. A thick overcast an breeze starting with lots of baitfish hitting the surface i could almost smell a new PB.
Location:Plymouth, MA
Trip Date:6/27/2013
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Dummy me almost left out the best part! Early in the trip i watched a small bird get annihilated by a big fish. Scared the s*** outta me at first. Was only 35ft away or so. Bird never surfaced nor a peep outta the area. Intense to say the least!! Finally got to see it in person
06/27/13 10:54 PM

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