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3 year war finally won..... Details
Name:3 year war finally won.....
Created By:bassinbrooksy
Details:ok so before i start my actual report a little backstory is needed just to show the self affirming importance of what happened lastnight, ill keep it as short as possible cause i get carried away with details and my reports turn into novels lol. when i was young i fished all the time and loved it until age 11 when i started riding bmx and no longer had time to fish. fast forward to 4 years ago while on a family vaca to maine my old ladies uncle took me out in the boat and pointed out a few massive fish swimming under the boat that he told me were northern pike. whats a northern pike i asked and the legend was born .. atleast in my eyes. so i told my woman i wanted to get some fishing gear so the next summer when we come back up i can try n catch a pike, so for fathers day she bought me a cheap shakespeare tiger spinning combo and some tackle which i used constantly and still use the rod (not reel) today as my carp rod.fast forward to 2 days ago and even after countless thousands of hours of dedicated pike hunting i still have yet to tame the beast having only ever hooked into a few all of which were bite offs usually cause i was using bass gear and got the accidental pike bite. so im slaving away in a sweltering hot building all night waiting for 1130 so i can punch out of work and head to my favorite night time haunt to try for a lunker bass. the time comes and away i go, get to the spot and go threw the checklist : jig box,crank bait box, 2 rods ,scale, pliers, and a few things i dont usually carry with me when i fish , boga grip and camera with a flash in favor of my phone lol. get to the rock and tie on a 6" berkley havoc sick fish swimbait that i dipped the tail in chartuese garlic scented dipn glo and i start to cast to some new cover in the form of trees that got blown down then floated over to my spot where theyve remained stationary for days now. maybe 6th or so cast i feel a hard wack and set the hook which immidaitely stripped a little drag then i felt the weight come off and dissapointment set in. i reel in my bait and see that the hook didnt come all the way threw the hook slot and therefore not exposing the point .so i angrily take out my knife and slit the belly to remedy the problem which apparently must worked great. 12:20 comes and i realize that i probably missed my only bitefor the night so i decide to ritualistically declare my final 3 casts. on the first cast im reeling in my swimbait and about 6 feet in front of me feel a bite so i set the hook and see my 7 foot medium heavy rod bend damn near in half and feel what feels like a cinder block on the other end! i got really excited at this point thinking i just hooked into the biggest bass in the lake until to my surprise i saw a big ass pike come to the surface! well the next couple seconds is kind of a blur cause i got really nervous knowing that im running straight 30lb power pro with no leader and i have a big heavy toothy fish on the other end just waiting to bite me off like all the previous ones and break my heart yet again. id like to say it put up a long hard fight and ran with lots of line but id be lying because ive never been in such a rush to get a fish to shore in my life! i drag her in between the natural choke point created by 2 small boulders barely peeking out of the water where i fish from and get her up onto shore and man is she pissed off! because she was muscled in quickly on heavy gear and there was no real fight to speak of she was not tired at all and an energized angry pike thrashing about at your feet in the dark out in the woods by yourself is a scary thing! lol! i then unclipped my boga's from my belt and locked on her bottom jaw and at first let out a quick sigh of relief which almost instanstly turned to childish screaming and school girl like laughing and glee as i felt a huge rush of emotion at my triumph . i was finally holding in my hand the fish that had rekindeled my love of fishing and had eluded me for the past 3 years!one of the best parts about catching this fish was that she had previously broken someone elses heart because when i went to remove my swimbait which by luck set in the corner of the mouth keeping my line away from those teeth i noticed a shiner hook with a 2 foot length of what looked like 6lb cajun red line lodged in the other side of her mouth!so i removed that annoyance for her and set her free and practically shed a tear of enjoyment at the happiness and triumph i was feeling. there were a few luck factors involved and they are as such, i usually dont bring my camera or boga grips but for some reason i felt the need to lastnight and thank god for a flash and self timer or i couldnt have got any good pictures, i had thought about changing out the swimbait for a small hook with corn to try for a carp but something told me to just stick with the swimbait until it was time to leave. the stars were aligned for me lastnight and someone was looking out for me cause i expected heartbreak and yet another bite off. this has been a great week for me in that ive not only fought a 29lb carp out of a river but i finally cought my white whale! it may not be the biggest pike in the world but its certainly no shrimp and it was my first one and i couldnt be happier about the way the whole night played out :) i can now close that chapter of the book and happily move on to bigger and badder fish. thank christ!!!! lol.
Location:special spot
Trip Date:7/2/2013
# of Hotspots:1
Hotspot Details: 1. northern pike Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:1
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Northern Pike
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):8 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):8 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:Soft Swimbait
Bait Details:6" berkley havoc sick fish clear natural bream color and painted with garlic cented chartreuse dip n glo to resemble yellow perch.
Location Details:
# of Photos:3
# of Fish Caught:1
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User Discussion:
U mean u guys don't like reading a thousand word run on sentence? Hahaha. I k ow how to paint a visual image with my stories so you can relive my excitement but I never said I could use propper grammar and sentence structure lol. Ill try hardee next time to make it easier on the eyes. In my defense though it also dosent help that I typed it all up on my phone lmao. Thanks for all the kind words you guys are like the asshole siblings I never grew up with ;)
07/03/13 07:46 PM

Congrats. Pike are a blast to catch. For years smallies were my favorites but once you hook into a pike let fun begin. Great story
07/03/13 06:29 PM

That's awesome congrats dude.
07/03/13 03:37 PM

Damn it! You made my eyes bleed! But great story, awesome job, congrats. Never tried for a pike but def on my list of fish to land.
07/03/13 02:47 PM

Also gotta add thay out of all the gear I could have cought my first pike on it just happened by chance that it was on the rod the wife bought for me to try n fish for pike 3 years ago :)
07/03/13 01:31 PM

That's what I'm known for lol long descriptive stories with lots of run on scentences hahaha! U gotta admit it wasa good read though cause you read the whole thing
07/03/13 01:28 PM

I don't mind the length of the story but use a period in there. Maybe a capital letter. LMAO!!
07/03/13 01:28 PM

Man O Man I need tylenol after reading all that hahahahaha Shorter stories....
07/03/13 01:25 PM

Thanks! I'm still grinning ear to ear :)
07/03/13 12:43 PM

Nice pike!! Congrats
07/03/13 12:26 PM

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